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Amazon like relevance engine to deliver personalized push notifications

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Interact with INDIVIDUALS not segments

Our smart machine learning algorithms automatically deliver personalized notifications to each individual at a time and location convenient to them

Powered by Machine Learning which improves over time

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  • 1,000 users
  • Unlimited pushes
  • Email support
  • Basic push effectiveness reporting


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  • Automated engagement Messages
  • Phone support
  • Standard push KPIs monitoring and reporting


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  • 300,000 users
  • Automated engagement messages
  • Consulting & Support
  • Full-featured analytics dashboard


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  • Unlimited users
  • Automated engagement messages
  • Consulting & Support
  • Custom defined metrics with analytics dashboard


All pricing plans come standard with

  • State of the art automated message targeting
  • Bullet proof data security and privacy
  • Unlimited server-to-server API access
  • Rich media notifications
  • In app deep links

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Meet Our team

Helping app marketers interact with their users

Ritwik Tewari

Founder and CEO

Ritwik brings with him a unique mix of experience building large-scale cloud services and mobile app platforms.

Prior to founding Informion, Ritwik was an Engineering Manager at Microsoft-Azure where as founding member he with his team made configuration defined deployments a reality with industries first configuration management and orchestration service handling >500 MM API requests/day.

Ritwik holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology-Ghy.

Avilay Parekh

Founder and CTO

Avilay has spent the last decade building large-scale online services for companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

He was part of the founding team at Windows Azure where he met Ritwik and helped built Azure from a startup product to a billion dollar business that it is today. Most recently he was at Bing where he, along with his team, invented a technology to automatically detect dissatisfied users of online services based on their click stream.

Avilay holds a Masters in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.